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Friday, 23 September 2016

Google Allo vs Telegram

Google has put the monkey work for a series of structural changes in their applications and operating system. One of the boldest is Google Allo , presented at the I / O highest and released today. The messaging app aims to fight face to face against the best in the industry and Telegram is one of them.

Telegram born with serious premise throne unseat WhatsApp instant messaging. He has not gotten yet, and now you get a tough opponent, more intuitive and simple to use, Google Allo. The new commitment of Google to seize this niche so saturated market, where only reigns and for a long time.

Google Allo and functions Telegram

google AlloTelegram
Text and voice chatsYesYes
chats secretsYesYes
Group chatsYesYes
Share filesDo notYes
Double check readingYesYes
Bots thirdOnly Google AssitantYes
Apps desktop and otherDo notYes
platformsAndroid and iOSAndroid, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, MacOS, Linux and Web

This table is quite clear that Telegram has no rival. Being able to share any type of file, use the famous GIFs and follow a conversation on any device without depending on the system where you are, it is a joy. Both Googe Allo WhatsApp and must continue to work, because Telegram is eating them and slowing market to its output to the other.

Telegram is the messaging application for mobile and safest time computers, and it boasts. Point to point encryption as Google Allo and WhatsApp. However, Googel Allo single figure so those messages that are in incognito. Both have secret message chats and self-destruction. However, both lack the video call, FaceTime and Google Duo already have, like Facebook Messenger, Hangouts or Skype, but this is not the intention of Google to Allo.

Google Allo promises to become the best in the industry, it still lacks some features present in the rest of the competition. Google will have to work pretty these first weeks to get a competitive and able to grab the piece of pie than other app already enjoy today. Which one best fits your needs?

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