Google is updated to iOS with many new features -


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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Google is updated to iOS with many new features

Google announced yesterday an update for iOS, adding certain developments that will not leave you indifferent. Google is also committed to the terminals of competition, knows that there also has business and do not plan to lose.

For this reason, looking to get the best possible user experience to owners of apple devices. A more than respectable business decision that surely makes you make money, and learn to better develop their applications - that Android users are accustomed with little ...

New Private Browsing

The new private browsing, or incognito for the company with its black window Chrome brings new as far as privacy is concerned. Like Chrome, searches and history are not saved when Incognito mode is activated. However, now you can activate this mode with Touch ID, which lets you keep a session in incognito and access it with your fingerprint.

The application of Google, includes online support for YouTube videos, allowing instant playback without having to open the YouTube app.

Google Now gets a new name

Renames updating Google Now to Feed, plus bring a increase in stability for users of IOS 10 as well as performance improvements promising that the possibility of crasheo to be halved - a concurrent error in iOS applications that do not we understand.

Still it has not been activated for all

The new incognito is not yet enabled for all users of Google, per once it has been able to activate it by clicking on the settings of the app and clicking Enable Incognito mode.

Quick Actions

How hopefully this application incorporates fast action 3D Touch, so one of the actions is to open the app directly Incognito. A luxury.

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