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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Hiding the new feature called Stories Instagram on iOS

The new feature called Stories by Instagram for IOS, is very promising, but perhaps some people have a desire to hide it , because in essence, Stories about sharing pictures or short videos taken at the time or existing, present outside their normal publications, and add a message, among other things, but by default, the user has access to all these stories on their home page, and this can be overwhelming.

But why overwhelming serious ?, Basically, many users of this social network still many people, many of these do not even know them directly because they are famous or recognized people, and even often follow accounts with various contents for its excellent photographs but many accounts too began to enjoy this new feature, to the point of sharing every moment of his life.

This of course is not bad at all , is a good opportunity for users to share a specific time of your life whenever you want it with all his followers, without registering it permanently, but as I already mentioned, this can be quite overwhelming for some users.

Fortunately, there is a way to hide their stories of a specific group of people, and of course, there is also a way to prevent your screen is filled with stories of others, ie, hide stories from other users on Instagram for iOS .

Instagram hide his history of specific people in iOS

  •     Go personal profile of the person from whom to want to hide your story
  •     Then touch the icon of the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the screen
  •     In the drop - down menu that appears you need to press the option called Hide your story (Hide Your Story), to do a message will appear asking you to confirm the action you are taking. 

Plain and simple, if you want to reverse the process, just follow the same procedure as above, but in step 3 must press the Unhide option called Your Story, and action will be reversed.
Finding people to whom I concealed them his story in Instagram for iOS

As I already mentioned above, you need to visit the profiles of people you wish to hide their history, but when performing this process, it will be quite difficult to keep track of all those people in case you want to reverse the process in one of these. Fortunately, Instagram added a new option in your profile settings, one that will allow you to see which users you decided to hide their history.

To access this new option only you must do the following:

  •     Visit your personal profile and tap the gear icon to enter the Settings in the upper right corner
  •     In the section of the account you must select the Settings option Stories (Stories Settings)
  •     Upon entering this option, you must enter the Hide From Story (Hide history) option, when you enter the option you can check the list of users to whom this hidden them his story. 

From this menu, if you wish, you can select massively users who want to hide their history, it is a very practical way to do it.

Hide the history of other users of Instagram on iOS

Actually you do not hide the history of users, it really will do is silence them , ie, you can see them if you want, but they will not appear on the carousel of stories, and all those who are silenced appear after all user stories you want to keep watching.

The procedure is really simple, what to do to hide the history of other users is the following:

  •     Located on the carousel of stories located on the top of the main screen of your account Instagram
  •     Then you must select the person you want to mute, you must tap and hold the icon profile of that person for a few seconds so doing you two options should appear
  •     You must press the option called "Mute * username * History" ( "Mute * username * Story"). 

To confirm that the history of this user silenced, only to go to the end of this carousel, and observed that the user 's icon is still there but appear as gray, this means that this muted. To reverse the process just follow the same procedure, but in step 3, will no longer be the option to silence, in place us will be one to re-activate your story.

Right now, they have not yet created any option so you can silence many users at once. Overall though this may prove to be an overwhelming feature for some users, it's a matter of adapting, because this is something new, and as always, sure people are accustomed, and perhaps those who previously felt overwhelmed, begin to enjoy it.

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