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Friday, 16 September 2016

How Dry Wet iPhone or iPad

We have all had those moments of despair in which our mobile falls into the water. We took it with trembling hands and our first thought is to turn it on and see if it still works. And that big mistake is that we end up snatching the life of our device irreparably.

As we know, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be waterproof , but unfortunately the previous Apple devices are not. Today we'll show how to deal with these problems to revive our new acquisition, either an iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Give your terminal an external drying

First things first. Do not even think to connect the cable / charger to see if it works, and if it was already connected, try it out carefully.

If the device was in a holster or case, you should remove it to prevent water from accumulating on these and prevent good drying. Remove the SIM card and also if you do not mind too warranty and you know how, you can remove the battery .

Once we have done the above steps, clean water around the outside of the device. Then put it head and give it a shake to remove water ports and connectors.

Step 2: Dry the device uncooked rice

This is one of the most popular ways if not more - drying that any electronic device. Avoid using hair dryers or other heat treatment, as this can cause internal damage to your mobile phone.

If by chance the device was off, leave it alone, because what we want is to avoid a short circuit to send the phone to another neighborhood. If it was on, which would be more commonly, you have to turn it off as quickly as possible, leaving the top button pressed until the message appears to finally slide it off.

What you need to do is find a bowl and fill it with rice, introduce our device in it, cover it completely with more rice and leave it there for about 48 hours, so that the grain absorbs all the liquid. One must be careful of any parts that can be inserted through the holes in our device.

Step 3: Silica Gel (optional)

Another option though a little is secondarily using silica gel. Are those little white paper bags that usually come with electronic or within shoeboxes components. It is recommended to use this gel that rice because it absorbs more efficiently water of our devices.

If we use this method, you must gather enough to cover our phone. Then we'll leave it there about 48 hours until it is completely dry.

Having done all this, we must make sure it works well. Perhaps some things remain to fail, as the touch screen or some points, but at least the terminal continues to operate.

From here we recommend making a backup of all files once the terminal revives, because unfortunately this solution may be only temporary.

Have you ever happened to you something? Tell us in the comments how solucionaste!

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