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Monday, 19 September 2016

How Duplicate your photos on iPhone and iPad

Do you have a lot of great photos on your iPhone or on your iPad and want to make a copy of them? This is a good way to make some tweaks to photo editing photographs. But first, you must learn to duplicate them.

In this simple tutorial we explain, in great detail, how to double your photos from iPhone and iPad quickly and efficiently.

Importantly , this method will provide an exact copy of the image you want to duplicate, and also works with video.

Duplicate a photo or video in iOS Photos app

1. Open the Photos app of iOS.

2. Select the image you want to duplicate.

3. Make tap on the photo and press the action button iOS.

4. Explore between different options until you find "Duplicate".

5. Return to the original album of your photos and find duplicate photo. There will be two identical copies of the same image.

As mentioned previously, this is a great method for photographic editions and not lose the original copies of those photos and / or videos that have kept so fondly of this summer holiday.

We hope you have served to help! For questions, you can ask from the Comments.

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