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Sunday, 11 September 2016

How Enable DFU Mode in iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

Apple products will be published in the autumn, we have learned that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Home key on the push button has been canceled entity to a "pressure-sensitive design" and will provide vibration feedback so that users know that a successful depressed, such changes will also change into DFU mode requires a different way to enter, underneath we'll explain how to make iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus into DFU mode, reboot and screenshots skills.

As this has been unable to press the HOME key to continue, resulting in iPhone7 / 7 Plus HOME key to change the "Save the volume keys" to replace, but still did not change the way the screen shots in iPhone7 / 7 Plus + HOME key or the power button.

What DFU mode?

DFU is "Development Firmware Upgrade" abbreviation, is mainly used to allow developers to iOS do relegation mode, that is, the system can be forced relegation, but do need to rely on iTunes Reply action, to be able to perform the re-brush system iOS / down movement , can be used as a computer and then reperfusion operating systems, but many older iOS firmware SHSH certified by Apple to shut down, you can not downgrade back in, only to be able to select the current firmware SHSH also open to heavy brush or relegation ( SHSH certified status ), low-level firmware can not be selected, otherwise it will happen 3194 error . DFU mode usually requires the use of two kinds of circumstances under

  • When the user does not accidentally escape to delete some of the information system or systems Slayers day has been stuck in the White Apple (Apple Log login screen), you need to DFU mode through heavy brush.
  • Accidentally upgrade to the new version of iOS, to fall back also open SHSH certification status iOS version.

iPhone7 / 7 Plus screenshot

Shortcut keys: Power key + HOME key

iPhone7 / 7 Plus reboot teaching

  1. Squeeze the right side of the "power button"
  2. Press and hold the "power button" and hold, simultaneously press and hold down the left side of the screen "Save the volume keys."
  3. Press and hold the two keys pressed, continue to enter the black screen, the iPhone will restart

iPhone7 / 7 Plus into DFU mode teaching

  1. The iPhone7 / 7 Plus transmission line connected to the computer through the Lightning
  2. Open iTunes, connect iPhone to determine whether there
  3. Press the right side of the "power button" first iPhone7 / 7 Plus Shutdown
  4. When turned off, the first press device right "power button" to turn on for 3 seconds
  5. At the same time and hold the left side of "Save the volume key" two key and hold press and hold 10 seconds (if you see the Apple Logo, hands and feet that is too slow, you need to enter the iOS operating system resumes from 3.)
  6. Release the "off key", but continued to hold the "volume key Save" and hold 5 seconds
  7. If your screen has been showing a black screen state, so iPhone7 / 7 Plus is successfully entered DFU mode.

At this time iTunes will pop up on your computer, a warning telling you that the detected iPhone7 / 7 Plus device, whether you want to restore.

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