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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

How invoke Siri from a keyboard shortcut in Sierra macOS

With the arrival of macOS Sierra, now users can use a mac Siri piecework in their daily activities, providing better working fluid and user experience.

If you've used Siri on your iPhone or iPad before, now you'll notice that the voice assistant is also available in macOS Sierra. However, unlike your iPhone, you have the ability to invoke Siri on your Mac saying "Hey, Siri", for this you have to click on the icon Siri in the menu bar or dock.

Another way to "call" Siri is using a keyboard shortcut. Undoubtedly, this is the preferred way for many users to activate the wizard more quickly and efficiently than if it did from the mouse or trackpad to click on the icon Siri.

Use a keyboard shortcut to interact with Siri

If you want to use a keyboard shortcut to activate Siri, go to System Preferences -> Siri and from there, click the drop-down menu keyboard shortcut and select your preferred shortcut. By default, macOS offers three different shortcuts to call Siri:

  - Maintain "Command" + space - Keep "option" + space - "Function" + space 

You also have the ability to create your own shortcut and to do so, you must choose the option to customize. Once selected, you must press the keys you want to set as a keyboard shortcut.

Note that to ensure compatibility across different applications and system services, you should be especially careful not to overwrite some other keyboard shortcuts.

If you are a Mac user, we recommend using a keyboard shortcut to invoke specific Siri and say facilitate your activities on the computer.

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