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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

How quickly switch between open documents on Mac

 Sometimes whether in our work, college, high school, etc; where we need to search for information, summaries, edit multiple files and much more on our Mac, so we can take to open a lot of them, providing a user experience very little enjoyable and difficult to approach what is is doing. So you teach a tutorial brief that will serve to streamline your work when handling a large number of files on your Mac.

With just a keyboard shortcut, you can greatly improve your user experience when managing multiple open files, and above all, you can significantly speed up your work. The keyboard shortcut that we will provide you not only works with Apple 's Pages app, but also works with Microsoft Word and other applications.

In case you have a in lot of open files in your favorite word processor, all you have to do to simplify your life is to use the following keyboard shortcut:

  •     Hold down the Command key and then press ⌘ + the ~ (tilde) on your keyboard. 


And that's all because this keyboard shortcut will change the word processor window to the next window with one of the documents you have opened.

In the following animated GIF better functioning keyboard shortcut is appreciated.

It is worth noting that while to hold down the Command key, you repeatedly press the ~ (tilde) over and over again until the document of interest. This really is a keyboard shortcut handy if you have more than two documents open at the same time. In case you have only two documents open with the keyboard shortcut you will move back and forth between the two files.

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