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Thursday, 8 September 2016

How Reply messages from the lock screen in iOS 10

This afternoon will take place the most anticipated event of the year, the keynote presentation of the iPhone in July after which Apple is expected to make available to users the final version of iOS in iPadizate 10. And we keep telling you some tricks to bring out the most possible iOS 10 from the first minute.

As you know by now, iOS 10 brings many new features , some of them related to the lock screen and notifications. Well, today we'll show how easily you can reply to messages from the lock screen on the new version of the operating system.

IOS notifications 10 change their appearance, look like cards and you'll see the option to answer for anywhere when you slide your finger to the left does not appear. This is because Apple has also changed the way the user interacts with iOS notifications 10, but do not worry, because it's something very simple.

Reply to messages on the lock screen using the 3D Touch

From iOS 10, the default to interact with notifications is through 3D Touch, as long as you use an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or one of the new models launched by the company. If you use iPad or previous model iPhone without support for 3D Touch will have to slide your finger to the left on the notification and then click on "View" to get the same pop -up window.

When you use the 3D Touch on a notification of a message you want to reply, either iMessage or any other instant messaging service, ua preview of the conversation at the top bar will appear, to enter text and keyboard in the bottom. In this way you can write a reply quickly and send it in seconds, besides being able to read a small fragment of the conversation and not just the last message received.

However, before sending the response you will be asked to identify through the fingerprint scanner to know you. But that's not all you can do with notifications in iOS 10.

In addition to the ability to respond from a notification in iOS 10 when you use the 3D Touch on one of them have other fast action. For example, you can archive email and much more, depending on the application.

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