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Thursday, 29 September 2016

How to Accelerate Our Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is too slow? If your smartwatch does not work as fast and fluid should we invite you to keep reading because today we tell you why iPadizate can slow down the Watch and how to fix it .

Like all devices, the increased use and many more applications run is inevitable that its operation is slow. On the other hand is watchOS 3 , the latest version of the operating system for the clock, which also needs more resources, which also It makes battery Watch suffer.

The newcomer Apple Watch Series 2 is very tempting, but not everyone is willing to retire its current first generation model if you can still take advantage. So then we tell you how you can accelerate your current Apple Watch if you go slower than normal.

Why does my Apple Watch works so slow?

The Apple Watch comes with a number of applications, animations ... and like any other device company can sometimes slow due to several factors. The two most important causes are the graphics and animations that are displayed.

On the other hand, do not forget to watchOS in March. The latest version of the system is optimized for both the new generation smartwatch to the first generation, but inevitably need more resources.

How do I accelerate the performance of my Apple Watch?

Following a few simple steps is possible to accelerate the operation of the Apple Watch disabling some unnecessary features. And not only that, you can also get slightly increase the battery life of the watch.

The first thing to do is recommend restarting the device, as many times with this simple gesture many such problems are solved. To reset just have to hold down the side button and the digital crown for at least 10 seconds until the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears.

Another thing you can do is if a restart has not worked is to disable the animations. To do this you must open the Watch app on iPhone and go to My watch - General - Accessibility and choose the option Reduce movement. In this way the Apple Watch will open its applications faster.

If you want you can also disable the animations from the clock clicking on the icon Settings - General - Accessibility and finally tapping Reduce movement.

Finally, watchOS 3 brings with it a new feature called Dock, similar to iOS App Switcher. This lets you manage applications that have opened in the Apple Watch, so we recommend going to the Dock and close applications you're not using.

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