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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

How to Avoid Virus in WhatsApp for iPhone

It is not something that happens recently, but it is increasingly common to see how viruses and scams circulating through WhatsApp. And certainly if you use WhatsApp has come to you more than one of these chains trying (and get in many cases) to trick users.

One of the latest scams circulating through the instant messaging app WhatsApp is that it will stop working at 6 PM. But it is not the only one, so then we'll show you what some of the scams that circulate WhatsApp you should avoid altogether.

Remember that if you ignore this type of scam or you click on any link that do not rely avoid unwanted viruses and scams WhatsApp. As simple as that!

Prevents viruses, scams and hoaxes WhatsApp

Quiet, your WhatsApp will not stop working at 6 PM

WhatsApp last scam is to trick users saying that if they do a number of things your account will be disabled after 6 pm. Among other things it is asked to send the message to all your contacts WhatsApp to confirm that you are an active user, otherwise they will take the account inactive and will be removed. To retrieve the user will have to make a payment, but this is a lie.

WhatsApp payment

Another scams circulating on WhatsApp is that the service will be paid very soon and will only be free for users who use the app frequently. To determine if you are a frequent user or not you should have at least 10 conversations with other users, send the message to 10 people and receive it (with double check blue) and the logo of WhatsApp will turn blue.

WhatsApp Gold, the premium version of the app

Another canard circulated among users of WhatsApp is a message with an exclusive invitation to upgrade to a paid version of the app called WhatsApp Gold. Ignore him completely, WhatsApp Premium version that does not exist.

This message says that this version use only celebrities and is available to other users now thanks to this invitation. It also states that you can delete messages sent after or simultaneously sends up to 100 photos, among other things.

But please, for the world you click on the link that is in the message, since it most likely end up infected with some malware or get access to all your contacts.

Virus WhatsApp

This scam does not come directly to WhatsApp, but does so through the app email of your iPhone. You get a warning you mail that you have a missed call or a voice message WhatsApp and you have to click on an embedded link in mail to access it.

If you click on that link all you get is download a virus on your iPhone. So do not be fooled, WhatsApp will never contact you via email or any other way outside the app itself.

Too many users WhatsApp?

Another scam circulating in the app is a supposed message from the CEO of WhatsApp saying there are too many users and close your account if you do not use. To know if you're active you are asked to forward the message to your contacts to confirm their active users, otherwise your account will be removed and you will lose your contacts. The message says that the phone will be updated in the next 24 hours and the app will feature a new design, new color for the chat and the icon will turn from green to blue.

As you see, these types of scams and hoaxes are a lot of all kinds, but they are not alone. Do not forget that there are also other scams circulating on WhatsApp where supposedly they give you money to buy in supermarkets, clothing stores ... we know they are very tempting offers, but do not fall into the trap.

So before clicking on a link or forward a message think twice, because you can be putting the safety of your iPhone and your information at risk.

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