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Thursday, 22 September 2016

How to configure and use Emergency SOS on the Apple Watch 2

With the upgrade of the Apple Watch operating system have received many surprises that have really left the fascinated users, of all these surprises can find a new feature called Emergency SOS, this interesting feature will give the opportunity for users to call 911, if you are in a situation of danger or in any situation where your life is in danger.

By using the function will send emergency personnel to the location where you are, plus they can alert their loved ones that you are in trouble. It is impressive as Emergency SOS uses your current location to alert emergency agencies that are in the local area, and fortunately, not only works in the United States, also works in different parts of the world.

Using Emergency SOS on your Apple Watch 

It really is simple to use this feature logically to the function that should be easy to use. But before learning to use the feature must consider several things, starting with when to use Emergency SOS, ie, should not use this feature lightly, should only use it when really you are in an emergency situation.

Some of these emergencies can be as follows:

  • An extreme allergic reaction, serious injury where his life is at risk, or some other serious health situation.
  • If your place of residence or place of work is on fire (even if you see a serious fire where you are and want to ask for help).
  • If you have been assaulted, abducted, raped or has been the victim of a major theft.

These of course are some examples, but you used to have a general idea of when to use this feature. Now if you must know how to use it, should only hold the side of your Apple Watch button, this will make a list appears with options, the emergency SOS last option should only slide to start the 911 call, this also immediately send a text message to the contacts you have added to your emergency contacts.

To cancel the call, just press the screen Apple Watch strongly, this will make the call ends. Another important detail of this function are emergency contacts, as I already mentioned, to make the call you are also sent a message to these contacts, but how these contacts are configured ?, because it is not complicated, it must do so in if you want to notify someone other than the 911.

Adding a contact to Emergency SOS on your Apple Watch

If you have someone important who notified through a text message, which will advise where you are, the steps below will be presented much help.
  • Open the application of your iPhone Apple Watch, and go to the General option
  • Upon entering the option press General Emergency SOS
  • When you are in the preferences panel Emergency SOS, press the orange button called Add SOS Contact

Once you press that button will be sent to the contact list, at this point should only select the contacts you want to add, you can be as many as you want or need.

Another interesting option you can find in this new feature is the auto make the call, ie, even would need to slide the option only to press the side button on the Apple Watch the call will be made ​​automatically, and no only that, also automatically send messages to your emergency contacts.

This option is found by following the steps that were previously presented to select emergency contacts, but instead of pressing the Add SOS Contact button should be set at the top, where there is an option called Hold To Auto Call, should only set it to oN, and you're on.

The addition of the Emergency SOS function to the Apple Watch via watchOS 3 can be considered as something shiny by Apple actually, because this could save more than one life, in an emergency, if no to hand your phone, you can use your Apple Watch found on your wrist without problems for help.

This demonstrates the hard work done by Apple, to offer its customers all the tools necessary for general safety.

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