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Monday, 26 September 2016

How to Delete Google Allo Account

Google Allo is everywhere and all rush to try to find out if he really going to get dethrone some of its competitors, will make the blue hearts Telegram melt? The power that can have an application never know, so we just have to wait patiently for the outcome.

But there will also be a user who has decided that this application will not get control his heart, are you that? If it is the case and are looking for how to remove the account application, do not worry that following a few simple steps you get to say Bye to Allo.

How to leave no trace on Google Allo

  • In order to leave no trace of your nefarious step by the application of Google, you will not do just anything.
  • Allo access.
  • Within Allo access the menu.
  • Go to Settings and scroll down.
  • On the screen you will find a label that says: Deregister the phone number, tap it.
  • Click OK.

Nothing more! You've gotten out of this application that was occupying too many megs in storing your iPhone. Do not forget that when you know low in Google Allo will be removed from all groups and all conversations will be deleted.

So if you ever want to return do not expect to recover your conversations if you had deleted your number of Google Allo. In order to retrieve your conversations and groups you must remove the application without deregister your number, so that you remain application user.

It is in your hand to decide if you want to leave no trace of your existence or if you just want to free up space on your device and deliver an application but do not use. Mark Zuckerberg you will always waiting with open hands.

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