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Thursday, 22 September 2016

How to enable screenshots on the Apple Watch with watchOS 3

The vast majority of devices created by Apple, include the ability to take snapshots of the screen, users have actually managed to take this option the best way, of course, the Apple Watch is not far behind and also has this capability, but with the latest operating system upgrade, we talk about watchOS 3, the option of making screenshots is disabled by default, although this is for a very good reason.

The reason is very simple, first as well should know to take a screenshot should simultaneously press the side button and the crown of Apple Watch, now with watchOS 3 pressing those buttons simultaneously activate the new feature It serves to pause or resume a workout, of course, there is now a new switch to make the screenshot.

Enable screenshots on your Apple Watch with watchOS 3

  • It is very easy to reactivate this useful option, but to make it much easier to just follow the steps below will be presented, and will not have any problems.
  • Open the application the Apple Watch found in the iPhone that has paired with the clock
  • Then you must enter My Watch, locate the General section and there you will find the Enable Screenshots option because he can only turn the switch to turn ON or OFF to return to off.

All catches that takes its Apple Watch will be stored in the camera roll iPhone this paired with your watch. Now, once again activate the ability to take screenshots, each time you press the side button and the crown of your device, not just resume or pause a workout, but also take screenshots.

Although to avoid any kind of inconvenience for all this, watchOS 3 includes a new feature to pause your workout automatically just at the time when you stop moving, and resume again when you start moving, this will avoid the hassle to make this manual process.

If those people who really like the exercise, you can turn this feature that is already mentioned in a very simple way.

  • Go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, open the My Watch option
  • In doing so, locate the section Workout, and then set the switch option called Running Auto Pause ON.

This will only appear on the iPhone running iOS 10 installed. As the screenshots are widely used by users, all already done updating your Apple Watch to watchOS 3 should take this into account, and the instructions that were presented above, insurance will not have any trouble following enjoying this excellent ability of your device.

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