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Saturday, 17 September 2016

How to Extend the Battery Life of your iPhone

One of the unfinished business of all manufacturers of mobile devices is the battery issue. As much striving is quite difficult not having to go to daily load on the smartphone, while recognizing that there has been great progress.

In the case of Apple, the company has slightly expanded the batteries of their new flagship, it is that the iPhone 7 has a battery 1.760mAh 1.970mAh against the iPhone 6s. Furthermore, the iPhone 7 Plus has 2.900mAh versus 2.750mAh iPhone 6s Plus.

Thus Apple has successfully expanded about two hours the battery. In addition, at the time of the presentation of the iPhone 7 Phil Schiller he said the A10 chip was the most powerful processor of any smartphone, while offering higher performance improving battery life.

Different ways to improve the battery life of your iPhone

Then you will have 14 different ways you can extend the battery life of your iPhone. They are little tricks you can do that can make you win a few minutes of battery, which could be crucial to reach the end of the day.

Reduce the brightness of the iPhone screen, turn off the GPS or location services is something you probably have already tried, but there is another series of tricks that show you then you could be of great help.

Check the battery usage

Settings - Battery you can see which applications have consumed a higher percentage of battery in the last 24 hours or last 7 days. This way you can see if there is any app that is consuming more than norm but use close it.

Deletes the Facebook app

If one of the apps that consume more battery power is Facebook, a way to save battery remove it from your iPhone and use the mobile version of the social network from Safari or Chrome.

Use a sunscreen advertising

Install an ad blocker as 1Blocker can extend your battery life greatly if you regularly surf the Internet frequently from your iPhone. And it is thanks to this jump avoid blocker pop-up images and videos using resources smartphone.

Do not close the apps!

There is a false belief that close apps that are open in the background saves battery, but nothing is further from reality. Craig Federighi own Apple confirmed a while this does not save battery, but rather the opposite, because when you need to reopen the app the iPhone needs more resources ago.

Use airplane mode or battery saving mode

Airplane mode disables connections (WiFi, mobile data, NFC ...), so you 'll save enough battery. This is useful, for example, when you are traveling or when the battery is low, you do not have how to load and need the iPhone for emergencies. On the other hand, the battery saving mode is reduced animations and other things so that when the battery is low you this will last a little longer.

Reduces screen brightness

And overtook him before, reduce the brightness of the screen helps you to consume less battery, and is that the higher you have more energy you need.

Disable background updates

Some applications have enabled the update in the background, something that is sometimes inevitable and necessary, for example in the case of instant messaging apps. However, there are others in which it is completely dispensable, so if you want to save battery you can go to Settings - General - Update in the background and disable those apps that do not use or see unnecessary.

Disables GPS or location services

Go to Settings - Privacy - location services on and off access to GPS applications where you do not need.

Expands the frequency of updates Push

If you want to optimize the battery life is better put the frequency of updates to Push Mail app is not constantly checking if new mail has reached you in all accounts that have started. Settings - Mail, contacos, calend. - Get data you can choose if you want to be refreshed every 15 min, 30 min, an hour or manually.

Disables WiFi or mobile data connection when there is bad

If you have activated the WiFi or mobile data when you are in a place where there is a bad connection greater amount of battery will be consumed because it is constantly searching signal. So the best option is to turn them off to save battery.

Disables unnecessary or active notifications Do Not Disturb

Take a tour of the notifications section in the iPhone settings and disables all of those applications that do not serve you at all. Or whether you prefer, you can also activate the Do Not Disturb, so that even if you send something the iPhone will not be activated and you can save some battery.

Disables iCloud Keychain

If you do not use iCloud disables the Key from Settings - iCloud - Key. And this feature keeps your data current cards and accounts, which means an extra expense of battery.

Disable Spotlight searches

The Spotlight searches can be helpful when you need to find something on your iPhone, but leave if activated can consume battery is constantly looking for information to index. To disable it you have to go to Settings - General - Spotlight searches.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Neither too hot nor too cold, and especially do not let your iPhone to the sun. Extreme temperatures are nothing good for the life of your battery and if it is very cold or heat will be consumed faster.

Here are some tricks you can perform to save some battery on your iPhone and get you to last more in your day to day. If you know a trick that is not here in this list we invite you to share with us and other readers in the comments.

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