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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

How to filter messages from your inbox in iOS 10

iOS 10 brought changes not only aesthetic, but also introduced a number of features that enhance and streamline further the user experience. A clear example of this is that now you can filter the content of your inbox by the default mail app included in iOS to find what you are looking for.

Here we show you how to filter your emails to only see the "unread" with the default application included in iOS 10.
How to view all unread emails in your inbox

To filter messages from the inbox in the email application, run the application from the home screen and open one from your inbox. You can use any of the individual mailboxes, or you can use the unified inbox that displays the contents of all your email accounts.

Once there, click the small round button located at the bottom left of the screen with the three lines on it.

You see, the button serves to filter the inbox between read and unread messages. Depending on how you use the inbox, this could be useful, but it can further customize the filter.

To do this, click on the center of the bottom bar of the application that says "filtered by:" and still appear more filtering options.

Among the things that can filter include the following:

  •     Not read
  •     with indicator
  •     For me
  •     Me on copy
  •     Only with attachments
  •     Only the VIP list 

With these filtering options, you have a variety of ways to focus on the emails that are important.

This feature is very useful to filter spam messages.

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