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Thursday, 15 September 2016

How to Fix the Cerrado YouTube iPhone with Jailbreak

So it seems, the new version of YouTube (v 11.34) has Jailbreak detection. Unfortunately this update makes YouTube closes after opening the app.

There are other applications that have this technology in their detection system Jailbreak on iPhone and iPad. For example Pokémon GO, and PayPal.

If you have Jailbreak on your device and you close the YouTube app (besides using the mobile web version) we bring you the ultimate solution.

To downgrade to YouTube

The first option to prevent your YouTube iOS app is closed is making a loss downgrade to a previous version and not detect your jailbreak. This will ensure that the app follow up.

To do this, you can use Cydia tweak called AppAdmin, to download previous versions that will replace your current apps.

More Cydia Tweaks

Additionally, you can choose other tweaks Cydia as YouTube ++ or Cercube 3. In addition to continue using YouTube on your iPhone and iPad, you'll have new and fantastic extra features like downloading videos, eliminating advertisements, background audio , etc.

In the App Store

Another alternative lies in the App Store. There are many applications based on YouTube videos, and some of them are especially useful as Jasmine, Alien Blue or Vodio.

Finally, as we recommended you previously, you also have the alternative of mobile web version. Although it is a bit "tricky". You must press "Cancel" when the window appears asking "Do you want to open the video on YouTube?" several times to access the mobile version.

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