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Monday, 19 September 2016

How to Leverage New Photo App in iOS 10

One of the new features that brings iOS 10 is its renewed Photos app, which has been enhanced to sort and classify the photos you take with your iPhone or iPad in a smarter way. However, some of these interesting options are not as obvious as one might expect. Here we will show you what these new functions.

Add face and name people

The application can now sort our images by people, making it easier to find those photos you took with your colleagues two years ago. we must no longer seek photo by photo, but automatically our iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 show us those images where faces appear.

Pictures When you enter, you will find a section called People, just below Albums. The first time you open the application this will take time to search all the images in which people, then arrange them intelligently appear.

Once the search process finished, tap Add People choose one of the faces in the photos and touch it. Next, select the Add Name, which is above all, and write the name of the person. From that moment you can search for photos that this individual appears to only write his name.

If you want to add a person to your favorites, either to find more easily in the future, for example, you must tap and drag your photo to the favorites menu. You can also hide people, if you want, from appearing in your photos.

Find images using keywords

In addition to recognizing faces, now the application can also recognize objects. When opening photos for the first time, the application label images in relation to what appears in these. For example, we can see pictures of clouds in the case we have any on our highways using the "cloud" label.

The app is quite able to find what they seek, throwing very good results. It is certainly one of the most useful when looking photographs features.

Draw on your photos with Markup

Although it takes a while Markup already available, now it has full integration with photos. When you're in the editing screen photo, tap on the "..." and then Markup. Here you will find different tools with which to draw, zoom or add text to the image.

Edit your presentations using Memories

A new feature that has brought this new version is the Memories Photos tab. In her application we select different images and create a slide show with music and effects. You can edit any of these presentations and arrange music to your liking. However, there is no option to create one from scratch.

Remember also that these presentations are created automatically, so you should be careful with the photos you have stored on your reel. If you want to avoid some of those pictures is selected, you must hide.

Surely iOS 10 has come loaded with some surprises and new features that make our life a little easier. We hope you've found useful some of these new features, which every day make the operating system into something a little more mature.

Have you already used one? Tell us your experience.

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