How to make the app from anywhere are allowed by Gatekeeper in Sierra macOS

Gatekeeper in macOS that saw now by default only allows you to run downloaded from the App Store or the App Store and identified developers applications. Advanced Mac users can activate a third option, which is the ability to open downloaded applications from anywhere in macOS Sierra.

To be clear, the "Allow applications downloaded from: anywhere" is hidden by default Gatekeeper for macOS Sierra. You can see that in the preferences panel privacy and security, and under the "General" section is not that option to apply Gatekeeper, but despite this, with the help of the command line, you can return to see the third option and regain the ability to open apps that come from anywhere.

How to make the app from anywhere are allowed by Gatekeeper in Sierra macOS

Open the Terminal application from / Applications / Utilities / folder and type the following command:

  sudo spctl - master-off 

Press the "enter" key and authenticates your administrator password.

Go to System Preferences panel and go to "Privacy & Security" and select the "General" tab.

Now you will see the option "anywhere" on 'allow downloaded applications' preferences Gatekeeper.

Now you can open and launch applications from anywhere under macOS Sierra.

Another possibility is to manually add exceptions via command line Gatekeeper, a solution may be more appropriate, than simply allowing all apps indiscriminately pull up in macOS Sierra.

Back aa security settings default Gatekeeper in Sierra macOS

You can also reverse this and return to the default settings Gatekeeper to allow only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers, by running the following command:

  sudo spctl - master-enabled 

Press "enter" returns to authenticate with administrator credentials for the changes to take effect.

In this way, you will return to the default setting of Gatekeeper.

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