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Sunday, 25 September 2016

How to Pass Information to iPhone 7 Smartphone

Have you caught a 7 or an iPhone iPhone 7 new Plus? Great! But, unfortunately, now you get to spend will play all your contacts, addresses, photos, songs, apps from your previous smartphone.

But do not worry! In CP you think of everything, and in this tutorial we will explain very clearly how to transfer all your info from a smartphone to the iPhone 7. It's super easy! 😉

If your previous smartphone was an iPhone, then you have things pretty easy. But if you used a smartphone Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry, things get complicated.

Android how to pass info to your new iPhone7

1. Download the application Move to iOS .

2. Select the "Transfer data from Android" in the settings of your new iPhone in July.

3. The Android device will automatically connect to your new iPhone via Wi-Fi and transfer the data.

How to pass info from an iPhone to the new iPhone 7

1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes.

2. Connect your old iPhone to PC or Mac via USB.

3. Open iTunes.

4. Press the button on your iPhone.

5. Make a backup via iCloud.

6. Disconnect your iPhone.

7. Change the SIM to your new iPhone in July.

8. Connect iPhone 7 to PC / Mac via USB.

9. Configure your settings for the first time.

10. Select the "Restore from a backup of iTunes" option.

Depending on the data you need to download, the process could take a long time to complete. Keep your iPhone connected to iTunes 7 until all the info is transferred.

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