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Friday, 9 September 2016

How to solve the problem of incorrect level of battery charge of the Mac?

For those who know the subject, it is well known that all Mac computers have internal batteries; and have an indicator displayed on the menu bar. Rarely, the indicator does not show the correct battery level. Maybe it's weird, but it happens.

There are several solutions to remedy this problem; and it is precisely what we will try this time.

First, why is the indicator of the battery is damaged? Well, a battery showing an incorrect percentage level in the menu bar can receive alerts for low load earlier than expected, or may ask to stay connected to the power adapter for longer than should be necessary.

In this sense, you should pay attention to all these strange signals. To effectively solve this strange event; first you need to know what could be causing the problem.

Such cases not seem to happen too often; so, because of this, it can be difficult to diagnose. On the other hand, 9 out of 10 times the problem with your Mac is due to software problems, and not a hardware problem.

How to solve the problem of battery level on the Mac?

No matter what the cause, there is always a solution for an incorrect battery level in the menu bar on your Mac Some of the options that you can try to remedy this problem are as follows.:

  • Restart the machine. As incredible as it may seem, sometimes only just reboot your Mac to solve this problem. A bug in the software of your memory may be causing a reading above percentage is displayed, not current. Your Mac asks the variable that stores the battery level and then displays it there. If the variable is not updated correctly, the wrong percentage appears.
  • SMC resets the Mac. If the restart does not work, the problem might be the driver Mac system management (SCM). This is a special piece of hardware that controls various aspects of the Mac; including system power. Sometimes, it can become damaged and stop working well. You can try resetting the SMC for Mac to factory settings; and this can often solve the problem.
  • Beware the charging cycle of the battery. It could be that the battery is getting too much damage to the way they are being used. Try putting the battery through a power cycle that allows completely discharged; and then load it back to 100% before using it again. Doing so could restore systems that report on the health of the battery; health of the operating system; and thus force him to show a more accurate reading.

  • Check the battery status. Another option would be advisable to check if the battery is healthy or not. To achieve know this, hold down the Option key and click the battery indicator in the menu bar. If successful, it should show an indicator of battery status. If you say 'normal', that's fine; because its battery is running as expected. If it says 'Replace Soon,' or 'Change now', you may want to consider replacing the battery in the near future.
  • Replace the battery. If you have experience opening Macs, try disconnecting the battery. While it is off, hold the power button for 30 seconds; and then connect the battery again. Press the button backup and try again. If successful, it could achieve a level of more accurate reading of the percentage of the battery.
  • When in doubt, call Apple Support. If you have already given up, because nothing seems to work; then the problem could be the general hardware, ultimately. Often, Apple considers the battery restitution in case of defects; or in some other cases, it restores all equipment, even for free.

If your computer has ever shown an inadequate level of the percentage of battery charge, please follow these recommendations, for sure will be very useful to remedy the problem.

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