How to tell if your PC is infected with viruses and malware

If your computer runs slower, freezes, and notes that nothing works as before, you're probably infected. The symptoms are clear and see them in time will help to remedy effectively. Today we will teach you how to tell if your PC is infected with viruses and malware.

How to tell if your PC is infected with viruses and malware

Below you will most evident symptoms warning notice on your computer when it is infected. Go for it.

The computer runs very slow 

Are there processes previously done smoothly and now take minutes ?, then beware. It is true that the slowness may be due to many reasons, but one of the main ones is an infection. Normally you'll notice when browsing the Internet or copy / paste files you. Keep that in mind.


Pantallos blues and crashes are very common when we are infected. If you have a blue screen notes frequently and over other points, scans your computer.

Programs open very slowly 

If you notice that programs take too long to start, probably because you're infected. Clearly there are more reasons to explain this problem. But you should know that one of the main symptoms of infection by viruses or malware is the slowdown in the implementation of programs.

Antivirus and firewall are disabled 

If you're browsing your dashboard and you see that - without having touched you - have firewalls and antivirus disabled, andate with eye. Viruses usually what they do is make holes to arrive other infections. If you notice this symptom, make a review.

Increased internet traffic 

The virus often dedicated to download files, steal yours and in a very rare case, make you to be part of a "botnet". If you notice that your connection is very slow, it uses a program to monitor the use of data and find out. Here is another symptom.

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