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Friday, 16 September 2016

How to Unlock iPhone and iPad without pressing the Home button

Apple has introduced some innovations in your system the iOS lock screen 10 . First, users can now perform many more interactions in its interface. In addition, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 will be able to use the functionality Raise to Wake , which allows you to turn the device show of hands.

But not all the news from the lock screen have liked to all users of IOS 10. In fact, Apple has decided to remove the Slide to Unlock feature iconic and now you have to press the Home button to unlock the iPhone and iPad although you have entered the code or has used the Touch ID to unlock the device.

Apple has set this feature as the default in iOS 10, but fortunately there is a method to disable this function uncomfortable for many.

Unlocking the iPhone and / or iPad without pressing the Home button

1. Go to Settings in iOS 10.

2. Enter "General".

3. Click on "Accessibility".

4. Select "Start button".

5. Activate the "Place your finger to open".

Following these simple steps you can unlock your iPhone and iPad using code or simply using your fingerprints on the Home button thanks to Touch ID.

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