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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

How to Use Bluetooth Headphones with Apple TV

Whether you're a real gamer "modernito" or passionate about Netflix series, connect a Bluetooth headset to your Apple TV can be a great way to improve your entertainment without disturbing others around you. And without annoying and uncomfortable fumble with cables!

In this tutorial we will explain, step by step and with great detail, how you can connect and sync your Bluetooth headset with your Apple TV. It's super easy!

How to connect your Bluetooth headset with your Apple TV

1. Activate your headphones in pairing mode.

2. enciente TVOS 10 on your Apple TV.

3. Go to the Settings application.

4. Click on "Controls and devices."

5. Select "Bluetooth".

6. Let the device search for devices with Bluetooth.

7. Choose your Bluetooth headset.

8. Some Bluetooth accessories require a security code, if you ask him TVOS, write (or díctalo with Siri) and press send.

How unpair your Bluetooth Headphones Apple TV

Obviously, when you finish your exciting marathon series of Netflix in TVOS 10 you can directly turn off your Bluetooth headset to stop using them. But if what you want is desincronizarlos here we explain:

1. Go to Settings on Apple TV.

2. Enter "Controls and devices."

3. Select "Bluetooth".

4. Click on your headphones.

5. Choose the option "Forget Device".

So far our tutorial to synchronize (and desynchronized) Bluetooth headset with your Apple TV in TVOS 10. If you have any doubt, if you want to share your experiences, or just if you want to send a greeting, you can participate from the comments box located at the bottom of this article and / or in our social networks.

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