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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

How to View Data Consumption iOS 10

It is possible to know the consumption data 10 from the iOS Settings app, however, there is another method to see that consuming a much faster ...

In the Control Center iOS 10 have available the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity but no specific button for consumption of 3G or 4G data.

IOS 10 does not need third - party applications, yes, the process for data consumption required to have a 3D - compatible device Touch either the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 6s Plus, the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Direct access to consumption data in iOS 10

Many expected a feature that would allow users of IOS 10 customize buttons Control Center, however, Apple did not implement such provision in its mobile software.

But at least we have a new option 3D Touch to see data consumption in the Settings application.

Steps to follow:

1. Unlock your device.

2. Find the Settings application.

3. Hold firmly on Settings for Peek function 3D Touch.

4. Then option presses on the mobile data consumption.

5. Automatically paragraph of consumption data in the Settings app opens.

From here you can see how many mobile data you've consumed so far, all info on roaming, and even which applications can use mobile data consumption on your iPhone or your iPad.

iOS 10 provides users of iPhone and iPad all kinds of features and performance to be more productive, to be faster, and to make things better. Participates in the comments section to share with us what new features you liked most about the new mobile operating system company apple bite are.

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