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Saturday, 3 September 2016

How to view lyrics of your favorite songs in iOS 10

The application default music Apple is included in the operating system for mobile devices been subject to large changes with IOS 10 and one of the biggest innovations included is the ability to view lyrics of your favorite songs while listen. Still, many clueless who do not know how to see the lyrics, so, we'll show you in a few simple steps how to activate this feature on your device.

The iOS music app 10 has been made ​​from scratch, featuring a new look, and includes new features, making it relatively easy to get lost among the options the app.

Before delving into this tutorial, note that Apple does not have the lyrics of every song in your library, or even all that are available in the music streaming service "Apple Music". So you can not see the option "Letters" (lyrics) of each song being played on your iOS device. But if the lyrics of your favorite songs are available, these are the steps to follow:

First open the music application and play the track you want to listen, then jump to the playback screen (Now Playing) by tapping on the mini player at the bottom of the screen.

Now open the options menu by pressing the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen. If there are letters, you will see an option letter in paragraph under "Create station" Click here to view them.

If the track is not available, the button will simply not appear. And ready and can see the lyrics of your favorite songs on iOS 10.

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