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Thursday, 29 September 2016

If Perfectionism was a Gen, Steve Jobs undoubtedly possessed

Hollywood showed computers as something frightening. Do not remind you of a nice face, the floppy drive is like a smirk? He is affable, playful and have to say hello. It should say hello because he can.

This is what Steve Jobs in the film with the same name released in 2015, responded to Joanna Hoffman, marketing executive of the company, after having asked why it was so important that the Macintosh say hello.

In that presentation that the new computer suffered problems with voice demonstration, the whole team wanted to do without the ability to show that machine to speak because they did not have enough time to fix it . All but Jobs. And yes, Mac finally said hello.

Perfectionist to become a danger

Also, in the pre-launch of the Macintosh scenes, we could see how Mr. Jobs wanted to ask, or rather demand at any price, the maintainers of the room lights policia emergency exits.

The reason? total darkness. Steve wanted the audience presenciase as only the Macintosh was the one who had the only beam of light from across the room at the time of the presentation. The lights of emergency exits, all considered essential disaster except him, I took as a nuisance.

His character took its toll

Both movies and documentaries, through interviews and reports, we have always heard that Steve Jobs was a great visionary able to sell anything they wanted to. But his other face, of that irritating character showing its workers at Apple.

Apparently the pursuit of perfection had a price, and unfortunately those who paid were mostly people working daily to get things done as Steve liked. His views were of type "I just want to be with people who aspire to perfection. And that's who I am. "

That dismissive attitude and arrogance caused problems. While Apple's board forced him to resign in 1986. After redraw their own way, they made to return to the company after ten years of continuous failures in his absence.

He found a person who thought like him

Despite all this, his creative mind never went out. And back to the company he founded, he ran into the new chief designer. Jonathan Ive A man obsessed with color, translucency and minimalism of products. A Jobs was astonished that wonderful attitude that if not properly treated its workers as inferior, was very similar to his.

Really, Steve?

Even with partner to create products that rozasen perfection, Steve was still the man who saw no other errors which did not see them.

A rumor that has been circulating says that Steve had a big argument with the marketing team in the early development of the first Apple Store because they chose the gray color was not right to paint the exterior of one of its stores. It seems that did not match the feeling they wanted to convey to people that they should go through their doors or pasasen there.

All thought it was fine that gray. But Mr. Jobs, as always, not enough for him that was okay. It had to be a perfect gray. That attitude has caused headaches to many, it is what has made you leave your mark on the world making history. If perfectionism was a gene, Steve Jobs undoubtedly possessed.

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