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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

If you prefer Android, This is what science says about you

Do you use iOS or Android? Do you think the operating system you use on your mobile device can reveal some details of your personality? A recent study thinks so, and then the results we leave for you to see what science he says you're depending on whether iOS or Android.

The study by the School of Psychology at the University of Lincoln (UK) establishes a relationship between the character of the user and the operating system you choose. For example, they say it is twice as likely that women have an iPhone to an Android phone.

Maybe choosing a smartphone do not seem very relevant or that has nothing to do when revealing little details about your personality. But nothing is further from reality, since this study at the University of Lincoln reveals the opposite.

Android users, more honest and humble than the iPhone

It is a PhD study by Heather Shaw School of Psychology at the University of Lincoln, which has been attended Lancaster University. In it it is revealed that the smartphone chosen by a user provides valuable information about its owner.

Shaw and other researchers conducted two studies on the differences in personality among users of iPhone and Android. And the results obtained in this study are quite curious.

In the first study a total of 240 participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire, in which several questions about the characteristics associated with users of each brand of phones were. In the second they used the results of the first to apply it and compare it with real personality traits of 530 iPhone users and Android.

The result? In the first study Android users see themselves as more honest, humble, friendly and sincere, but less outgoing than iPhone users. On the other hand, the second study confirms that these stereotypes are not met 100% in reality, as only found as much honesty and humility in Android users.

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