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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Instagram is updated with new feature to moderate comments

Instagram has just received a new update, and with it, a tool for moderating offensive.

The tool is oriented to the elimination of offensive made in photographs; the company has indicated that the new option is in the "Comments" section. Users can make use of the new tool from today.

The company has said that wants the Instagram community, every day is more diverse, so too, disputes between ethnicities, genders and races have spread. Users can select what kind of words as "offensive" and these are blocked by their feedback.

In addition, you'll also have a predefined list of words to be blocked, apart from the aforementioned option. Specifically, the company statement is as follows:

The beauty of this network is its great diversity; different types of people, with their own to skills, thoughts and more. Most, Instagram called 'Home'. However, many of the comments made by users, may be offensive to others. Because of this, we decided to create a new tool.

The social network takes action because of a wave of disgruntled artists

This initiative will be quite useful for eliminating spam, and other methods of spreading virus. Remember that most of them are worth comment on pictures, and ultimately the social network has been addressed by large number of these.

It was quite clear that creating a filter for comments would be necessary; not only enough to remove them. But not all is because of listening to the public as Instagram says; no, apparently the source of all these measures, stems from complaints by different artists.

A lot of artists have been making the deactivation of their accounts on different social networks, due to offensive comments made on your photos. Coincidence ?, is unlikely.

The update is already available for both Android, and iOS. If you want to download, you can go to the Play Store, should have the Google system, or the App Store, for the block.

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