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Thursday, 15 September 2016

iOS 10 integrates some changes to the control panel center

Yesterday Apple issued iOS update 10 and have made ​​some changes in the control center panel.

On the one hand the music controls are completely eliminated and now can be found by sliding your finger to the left, this small adjustment allows the main menu of the control center have a little more space.

At the top of the panel are five buttons for airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, do not disturb and orientation lock. The brightness slider also remains.

AirPlay button in the main view of the Control Center has been renamed to "AirPlay screen" and tap on it to do, the option to display the iPhone or iPad in an Apple TV is offered. For its part, the AirPlay audio controls have been completely removed, and completely moved to the new view of music control center.

These changes are made so that the user has a better user experience without having to navigate between many options, plus quick access to the features of IOS 10

Finally, there is a bottom row of controls for flashlight, stopwatch, calculator and camera. All these controls have Touch 3D capabilities that give more advanced control options, exclusive for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Note that if the default calculator Apple is uninstalled, the shortcut calculator in the control center disappears. This leaves only three options, which can not be changed: flashlight, stopwatch and camera.

Once you slide to the left from the control center, the new music section where you can see the classic playback controls and view some information about what is playing at the moment appear.

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