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Monday, 19 September 2016

iOS 10 takes longer to boot, but its response speed is fast and smooth

The arrival of iOS 10 was surrounded by a small controversy because of a problem that caused some iPhone and iPad get stuck in recovery mode screen . This little problem was remedied quickly, but now comes the turn to see the first performance tests iOS 10 in different generations of iPhone.

It is logical that the most recent versions of the operating system go a little slower in older generations with which it is compatible, but Apple tries to optimize the maximum to go all fluid possible. Have they achieved with iOS 10?

Recently published several videos showing how the performance of IOS 10 in several models of iPhone, reaching the iPhone 5, 2012, the oldest compatible model. Here we have more detail about these tests and their results.

iOS 10 is quite fluent in all generations of iPhone

IOS tests 10 demonstrate a time of somewhat slower start than the previous version, but generally has a smooth movement, even on older iPhone.

A series of videos posted on Wednesday suggest that the new Apple iOS 10 offers a fairly smooth performance across iPhone models, even if they are as old as iPhone 5, 2012. The only major difference between iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 10.0 .1 is in boot times, as has been seen in these videos.

For example, in testing the iPhone 5 iOS 10 took nearly 15 seconds longer to boot than with the previous version, iOS 9.3.5. On the other hand, the iPhone 6s difference in boot time is just 3 seconds.

In practice when testing open applications there seems to be a visible difference, although they could see a slight delay in iOS 10 when an app opens with heavy graphics. But it is not something that is really annoying, since it is virtually nil.

As they say in AppleInsider , Apple has always had to face criticism for the speed of the new versions of iOS on older hardware models. However, we must recognize that with the following updates usually significantly optimize system performance.

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