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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

iOS10 Notes: Share, Edit and Collaborate in Real Time with Other

The new software for Apple mobile devices, iOS 10 , has added a lot of features for iPhone and iPad. In addition to developments in messages , redesigning the interface Apple Music , the new style Notification Center , panels Control Center or the integration of third - party applications Siri , the company has also implemented very interesting changes in its iOS application Notes 10 ...

It is not the first time that Apple includes new features in iOS native application notes. Indeed, in iOS Notes app 9 incorporated all kinds of functions: new formats of text, adding pictures or videos, freehand drawings, notes feature to block password or Touch ID , and more.

But now, with iOS 10 Notes allow users to collaborate in real time on your annotations. How exactly? Very easy, the application is able to create notes in which a group of users can edit and share online content, as is the case with iWork . Thus the Notes application is updated on the iPhone and iPad users each.

Share, edit and collaborate on notes with IOS 10

Before starting the tutorial, it is noteworthy to mention that this functionality is only available on iOS 10 and function properly in the notes to the iCloud folder. That is, in order to use this feature you will have to go to "Settings> iCloud" or "Settings> Notes> Accounts> iCloud" to activate "Notes" in iOS 10.

1. Open your iOS Notes app 10.

2. Create a new note in iCloud.

3. Click on the New button to collaborate.

4. Select the application in which you want to share content. You can use Messages, Facebook, Twitter, Trello, Messenger, etc. to send the note to your contacts.

5. Then select the contact you want to edit the note. You can choose a contact group if you wish.

6. Then press the "Send" button to share the note with your / s contact / s.

From this moment, when your contact click on the thumbnail of Notes for IOS 10, you can edit real - time content to add lists, images, videos, drawings, etc., to your notes. And you can see how it ago, each from their own device and obviously with Internet connection.

What do you think the new function to edit and collaborate in real time with Notes on iOS 10? Have you already used this feature?

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