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Monday, 19 September 2016

iPhone 7 against the Galaxy Note 7: speed fingerprint scanner Test

On 7 September Apple it has shown the world its new smartphone iPhone 7. He inherited largely the appearance of the iPhone 6s and receive the new "stuffing" the device is intended for users who want to enjoy a smartphone with топовыми the features and the most advanced operating system.

iPhone 7 is already on the market, so you users and journalists studying in detail every aspect of the operation of the unit. Although Overall, the design of smartphones has not changed, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in addition to receiving standard colors performances (in silver, gold and rose gold) of the two new: matte black anodizing, and fundamentally the new "black onyx". To create the latter process is applied 9 times anodized and polished, thanks to which the shiny surface is recreated.

To ensure the tightness of the housing 7 in Cupertino iPhone have abandoned traditional mechanical Home button for touch, which received tactile performance and sensitivity to pressure force. It also includes a fingerprint scanner Touch ID. The authors of the project SuperSaf TV decided to test the speed of its operation in the iPhone 7, to which the speed compared with biometric Galaxy Note 7 module.

Touch ID on the iPhone 7 responds to touch almost instantly. This was achieved thanks to improved дактилоскопу with increased scanning speed. However, when comparing with the Galaxy Note 7 enthusiasts can hardly see the difference. Judging from the video, both smartphones are unlocked with the same speed. To verify this, the author of the film has turned off the animations in the operating system.

Comparing the performance of the scanners on the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy Note 7 in the following video:

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