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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

IPhone 7 Airplane Mode is more dangerous than we thought

Getting a new iPhone before anyone has advantages ... and disadvantages. They seem to have some small problems in the "paradise" is that we have discovered a very important new bug related to the iPhone Airplane Mode 7 ...

It is not the first time we find a small slip on iPhone in July by the company bite the apple. Recall the absence of two real speakers in stereo sound and the absence of NO water resistance in the device warranty.

But let's get to the matter at hand, unfortunately some users have begun to report a serious bug in the last hours. So it seems, after disable Airplane mode iPhone 7 shows the message "No Service" in the status bar and the device loses all connectivity.

So the bug occurs Airplane Mode on iPhone 7

Fortunately, or unfortunately, this new and uncomfortable bug is only present on the iPhone 7. It has been tested to disable Airplane mode on an iPhone with iOS 6s 10 and the connection (Wi-Fi and 3G) works perfectly .

From MacRumors say that many users have been affected by this problem with Airplane Mode on the iPhone 7 and / or iPhone 7 Plus , and Apple has already been briefed on the matter.

Hopefully in the next update (iOS 10.0.2) the company immediately solve this huge problem and consumers can make the most of their new next-gen smartphones.

If this problem has happened to you in your new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and off Airplane Mode you have lost the connection and / or coverage, it is best to turn off the iPhone and turn it on again. It is not a very elegant solution, but it solves the problem.

We show the bug in action

In the video attached below you you will see the bug in question, comparing the disabling Airplane mode on an iPhone 6s and an iPhone7

As you have seen, before displaying the message "No Service" in the status bar of iOS 10 in the iPhone 7 , the device tries to locate Wi-Fi and / or 3G in the operating company without success.

If the problem is not solved soon, since cp we recommend you go to the nearest Apple Store and ask one of the employees replacing your iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus new one. We do not know if the problem is with the operators, and whether it affects all new smartphones from Apple.

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