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Sunday, 11 September 2016

IPhone 7 Plus and dual cameras will be a standard for the new "Plus"

New reports of security firm KGI claim that the design of dual cameras released by the new Apple iPhone 7 Plus, remain for posterity in the next generation of iPhone, but of course, only for the new "Plus". The remark was made ​​by Ming-Chi Kuo, where he also says he does not expect to see this design in standard models, at least for a long period.

The main reason Kuo indicated this course is due to the fact that sales in the Plus models, are still below their younger siblings. These iPhone, counting previous generations, could represent only 40% of sales. This would put Apple in the decision to attach the new module doubles only cameras in this portion of their devices because they do not yet represent the first choice of buyers.

The OIS is not implemented in the iPhone 7 Plus

In another stage directions Kuo, emphasis was placed on the fact that the iPhone 7 Plus, despite new technology having dual chamber does not maintain OIS, ie, "Optical Image Stabilization."

Remember that in previous versions, the use of OIS, was the main advantage of the Plus models compared to their standard versions. This year, however, those who purchase the new iPhone 7 Plus will have more noise in the images, given the susceptibility of movement.

As if this were not enough, according to Kuo he says that "The following generations will only have small changes"; improvements that would not mean a good reason for users to make a new purchase. In any case, Apple has always been a company that seeks to maintain a less fluctuating line in their products, and it would not be uncommon to see in 2017, small additions on the iPhone 7s.

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