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Thursday, 8 September 2016

iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 7 : Side By Side Comparison

We have not decided yet if the way that rumors of new smartphones have changed in the last couple of years is good or bad for the market or the user. On the one hand, it has become boring wait for the presentation of a mobile - law we already have all the data in advance: data analysts, leaks, photos, prototypes infiltrated companies, etc. No surprises.

Every detail has been revealed so accurately that not funny to see the launch of a product to market. On the other hand, this way of knowing it all before, however, makes our even easier job when we estimate data where the market is going, and can make comparisons as accurate as we bring you today. IPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy Note 7 they look at his face for the first time to know who sent in the mobile landscape today.

The wait is over, and we already have the iPhone 7 Plus between us . After all this hodgepodge of rumors, which have not reached our editorial staff with account drops but in spurts, we want to put face to face two beasts, physically and metaphorically speaking, and command the most anticipated of the year comparative. Hopefully we will not explode in your hands .

The main features of the iPhone 7 Plus had not been officially revealed until a few minutes ago, but we have been quick to bring you this battle of titans, which all you expected. Will he put our iPhone 7 Plus in place the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

Features iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy Note 7

iPhone 7 PlusGalaxy Note 7
Dimensions158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm153.5 x 73.9 x 7.3 mm
Weight188 gr169 gr
screen5.5 "FHD (1920 x 1080) Retina HD, Gorilla Glass 55.7 "QHD (2560 × 1440) Super AMOLED Gorilla Glass 5
Pixel density401 PPP518 PPP
ProcessorA10 FusionOcta Exynos 8890
OSiOS 10Android 6.0.1
Storage32, 128 or 256 GB64 GB + Micro SD
cameras2 x 12 MP with Image Stabilizer12 MP with Image Stabilizer
Battery2910 mAh3500 mAh
OthersIP67 water resistance, fingerprint reader, 3D TouchS-Pen Capacitive, IP68, DVD fingerprints and iris
Starting price€ 909€ 859

There is no doubt that Apple has done a great job evolving M9 A9 processor along the last batch of phones. On the iPhone 7 Plus we hope to have up to a 20% increase data processing speed . The numbers that shed the last benchmarks for Note 7 are devastating, but the iPhone 7 Plus has nothing to envy. The A10 Fusion chip is now composed of 4 cores.

The 2GB of RAM Apple terminal appear to be sufficient to move everything iOS 10 intended to move. With the great innovations and better optimization of current mobile market, that much RAM is enough today to move freely the latest version of this operating system. In contrast, Android should go up to 4 GB or 6 GB of RAM in the One Plus 3 to Android M and N when a reality for everyone.

As for storage capacity, Apple has decided to cut the heart out version with 16 GB to jump to 32 GB as basic model. We will be able to also choose the 128 and 256 GB of internal memory, an outrage. Instead, Samsung has just released a 64 GB version with the ability to expand memory up to 256 GB more.

iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 7: screens

Although the market demanded it for some time, Apple was very reluctant to make the leap to 2K resolution (2560 × 1440), which will be left for the next generation. With Corning Gorilla Glass protection 5, the iPhone 7 Plus becomes more resistant, just as the Note 7, with the same protection and resolution. While the panel terminal Samsung is somewhat larger (0.2 "more), given no noticeable differences, despite having the curved area on both sides.

Therefore, the difference of resolutions is clear, even in a panel of these dimensions is not seen so much. However, in terms of color and contrast, the AMOLED panel Galaxy Note 7 resembles us better, so that Apple will implement in your future and iPhone 8 , 2017.

iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 7: cameras

Although both terminals come to market with resolutions of 12 megapixels, the iPhone 7 Plus brings a novelty that we saw in phones like the Huawei P9, and is implementing a dual - lens camera on the back. Both camera both devices are based on an optical image stabilizer to get better shots in mobile situations. Camera iPhone 7 Plus gives a big leap forward, improving the existing across the market.

However, improved camera comes more to the Apple terminal. The double lens 12 MP allow us to create much more detailed pictures, whose publication will be a delight because we have more parameters and places to tweak and modify to our liking, thus forming spectacular photographs. In addition, they have added 4 flash LED (two hot and two cold) to get the best lighting conditions with poor lighting.

iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 7: Other features

Perhaps one of the most anticipated water resistance specifications with protocol IP67 iPhone 7 Plus. Currently, there are many brands that offer this type of resistance in the market, but Apple was the first time.

For its part, the Galaxy Note 7 offers something the iPhone 7 Plus does: the iris scanner for biometric security type. Both phones have fingerprint reader and resistance to be immersed in water for a time and at a maximum depth.

iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 7: Verdict

From the point of view of the characteristics on paper, the Galaxy Note 7 has more RAM and the ability to expand storage. However, as cameras are concerned, the iPhone 7 Plus is the clear winner for his double lens. In performance issues we see different tests in person to assess which of them the upper hand takes, but we imagine that iPhone 7 Plus will have everything to gain by bringing the best mobile system implemented to date.

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