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Sunday, 25 September 2016

IPhone 7 sales are very low

He has spent the first weekend since the introduction of the iPhone in July and has not left Apple to show off their figures, or anything like it. We are in an anomalous situation because in previous versions seemed iPhones sold like hotcakes. Now it has come the first report showing how iPhone sales 7 and its big brother, the iPhone 7 Plus, they are more than low when compared with what we had used years of Cupertino.


We're talking about that, always according to this report that nothing is official, iPhone sales up 7 are still lower than the iPhone 6S, its predecessor 25%. The report is not done by fans but by one of the same companies that Apple has always used to show off their numbers. The German market research and sales, GfK puts on the table the decrease in sales suffered by the new iPhone 7 compared to the iPhone 6s output last year. Specifically Apple's new phones have sold 25% less compared to the iPhone launch week last year 6s.

If this report from GfK that is based solely on sales join the DigiTimes that ensures that Apple would have sent chipmakers that manufacture fewer units compared to the initial demand, to adjust estimates of sales, which are down. It is clear that we are facing the worst iPhone history, at least as far as sales are concerned. Next year marks 10 years since the launch of the first iPhone and Apple may be already thinking about the iPhone's tenth anniversary. But of course we can not say that it is not trying to iPhone 7 apparently is getting out frog. Pay almost 1000 euros for a terminal may have something to do.

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