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Sunday, 25 September 2016

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S, speed test video

Although the iPhone sales 7 are not being excessively high or not so high as everyone expected, there is dudad the terminal Apple is a cucumber. not only for the features added in this evolution Apple smartphone as dual camera and others that we have seen in our blog, but because this is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. Let's see what the speed of the iPhone in July.

Therefore, we will compare with other smartphone last year also proved to be an every beast in the field of brute force. Let's compare the iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S in a speed test video we will make clear as an iPhone 7 is a great terminal.

We have already brought our blog a test iPhone 7 for resistance, compared with the iPhone 6S. Now is the time to see how the iPhone 7 behaves in terms of power, and therefore in terms of speed when compared with the iPhone 6S.

At the end of the article you can see the video where we find facing off in a speed test iPhone 7. In this video different apps are released in the same order, to see if there is a lag being both to allow us to differentiate a different performance between both terminals. And this lag exists, and is notorious in the development of the test. The new iPhone 7 if stands for something, as expected, is due to its greater speed over its predecessor, not in vain its new Apple A10 processor could not offer us another result, and that is something that is seen in this test.

In fact the results give victory to the speed of the iPhone in July, how could it be otherwise, the iPhone 7 ends the first round of applications in one minute and eight seconds, while the iPhone 6s gets completed in a minute and twenty seconds. In the second round of applications iPhone 7 ends with a minute and thirty four seconds, while the iPhone 6s do it in a minute and forty-eight seconds. The victory of the iPhone 7 is clear, but perhaps less than you would expect from a terminal which Apple increases and much performance over its predecessor.

Here's the video for yourselves may see the results of the

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