iPhone 7 will support 4K resolution video recording at 60 fps

A report from the website Tinhte in Vietnam that the iPhone 7 has enhanced features to take better videos. 4K resolution video recording at 60 fps can be black was added. Update formed the Add button - reduce noise and SIM tray.

If i Phone 7 supports 4K video recording at 60 fps is very interesting because the iPhone 6s supports 4K video recording at 30 fps, but commercial applications, it provides a high resolution enough.

The Apple iPhone 7 to increase the capacity of the iPhone 6s rise by up to 256 GB, it is reasonable as well. Part increase capacity to accommodate video features that use space more usable.

It supports video recording at 60 fps and a resolution of 4K sources also stated that his iPhone 7 will come with Flash and 4 LEDs to control shooting make it even better. But sources also provide information that Flash is not exactly a 4 LEDs have been added to the iPhone 7 or not.

Sources confirmed that the iPhone 7 will come with a new color is black (Piano Black) to replace the current Space Gray color Apple logo on the back of the unit to a glossy finish. Add button - reduce noise curve separated from the machine. SIM tray and may be updated as Rubber seal (rubber seal) and turn off the water better. The source also added that information and the Home button on the iPhone 7 will touch a button. IPhone 6s from the press.

The key, then, is obvious. Black is the color of the new iPhone 7 includes improved features make the machine more waterproof. And a rear camera on the iPhone, the new version will have better features than the previous model iPhone 6s enough.

Source - 9to5mac
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