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Thursday, 29 September 2016

iPhone 8, the Next Apple Terminal

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus only have a few weeks old, but already talk of the next generation of the iPhone family. According to the information furnished to the network, Apple could be developing the hardware for the iPhone 8 in Israel.

No longer common that soon after launching the new products Apple is already rumored with which we will see next year, however, the most surprising thing is that talk of an iPhone 8 ... and iPhone 7s? Apple can skip this generation not to stay the tail of Samsung.

The information comes from an Apple employee

The employee who has revealed this information, who has rebelled anonymous, works in an office Apple in Herzliya, near Tel Aviv (the technological and financial center of Israel). This office has been described by the own Tim Cook, Apple 's CEO, as the second most important center of R & D in the world. Despite not having contributed many details about the iPhone in August , the employee has stated that bring a new , more radical, totally different from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 (s) design.

It will be accompanied in addition to better cameras, which surprised us because this generation has also taken a quantum leap in the chambers. Not long ago there was talk of the possibility that the next iPhone would incorporate screens with double curve manufactured by Samsung. Of course, a radical new design is not something we can we - not we go a- complain.

Apple could skip the iPhone 7s

You really will be called iPhone 2017 iPhone in August? The traditional naming Apple makes us suppose that will be called iPhone 7s, but if this new iPhone will bring significant improvements in design and functionality, could be an option that the new iPhone receives the name iPhone in August.

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