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Thursday, 15 September 2016

IPhone 8 will display without Borders and Virtual Home Button

It has become a tradition, and that soon after that Apple released the world to its new flagship, in this case the iPhone 7, begins to speculate on the next generation. According to rumors this model would receive 8 iPhone name, but not the possibility that Apple iPhone 7s decides call is discarded.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have not yet reached the hands of users and already talk of possible features and changes that could bring the next generation. According to the publication The New York Times , the future Apple iPhone could have a borderless full screen, in addition to the virtual Home button.

The first rumors of the iPhone 8 begin to see the light

According to anonymous insider sources cited by The New York Times, the front of the future iPhone 8 will all screen. On the other hand, there is talk of the possibility that the Home button becomes virtual and integrated into the screen.

So far the Home button was physical, but in the iPhone 7 Apple has decided to replace it with one capacitive. And some believe that this change is only a small transition that will lead to the integration of the Home button on the screen for future generations.

According to this publication, Apple is likely to continue to the next generation of iPhone without the headphone jack and next year the smartphone will borderless full screen and virtual Home button.

Just do not forget that it is not the first time I hear of the possibility that the iPhone 2017 comes with a screen borderless and integrated it button. However, we do not like us much hope because there is still a whole year for the iPhone 8 will see the light and Apple may have other plans for that smartphone.

If this is true it would have to see what Apple has designed for the fingerprint sensor. On the other hand, it should be noted that next year the iPhone be 10 years old and some sources say that Apple will celebrate launching three models (Standard, Plus and Pro).

Do you think the iPhone 8 will come with OLED screen borderless virtual Home button? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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