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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Jailbreak Your iOS10 oR iPhone 7

Today has come to light that Apple news probably does not make him any grace. And that photographs have appeared a Jailbreak iPhone 7 installed obviously on iOS 10 .

The photographs have been published on Twitter, and show the iPhone in July of a known hacker with Cydia installed, the application of the Jailbreak tweaks, running iOS mobile operating system 10.0.1.

Apple left its kernel temporarily decrypted after launching the beta versions of iOS 10 in an effort to find and fix security vulnerabilities in the system faster. But it seems that the company could not eliminate all vulnerabilities before the official release of iOS 10 last week ...

Just a few days after the marketing of the iPhone in July around the world, the device has already hacked with Jailbreak. And ... yes, it has been Luca Tedesco, a hacker known popularly as qwertyoruiop. He tweeted attaching the text "Cydia must capture screen."

However, this is no cause for enthusiasm to Jailbreak lovers who want to update their devices to iOS 10. In his own words, Luca Tedesco has developed this Jailbreak for personal use, and has stated that it will not launch a tool for the community users of iPhone and iPad.

However, maybe and just maybe, Tedesco privately pass information to other hackers so that they can develop their tool. That, of course, if Apple not patched before the vulnerability that has made ​​possible the Jailbreak IOS 10.

Jailbreak IOS 10 video

Interestingly, Luca Tedesco already published a video with iOS Jailbreak 10 referred to as yaluX for arm64 in the beta 8, although on that occasion it was not an iPhone 7:

Remember that the team has already achieved hackers Pangu Jailbreak IOS 10 and showed a photograph during his presentation at the MOSEC (Mobile Security Conference for its acronym in English).

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