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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Leakproof iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

Back in the ring with the videos this time YouTube channel "EverythingApplePro" shows an extreme way, water resistance possessing loas current smartphones from Apple.

The video shows how tough it can be the iPhone 7 under water, something that Apple has been proud to say, since the launch. But that's not all because to make a comparison, we also subjected to testing a Samsung Galaxy S 7.

The test consists of immersing the devices in increasingly deeper waters, to corroborate far their water resistance limits arrive.

Cable clarify that iPhone Series 7 has IP67 certification for water resistance standard, which means that the phones are built to operate at depths no greater than 1 meter, for half an hour more. On the other hand, the Samsung phone takes most certification, one IP68, indicating that can withstand continuous immersion in water depths of more than 1 meter to 1.50 meters.

In the first test, both devices emerge undamaged water, after having submerged approximately 1.50 meters. Then the devices are immersed in ever deeper in increments of more than 1 meter intervals.

At 6 meters, still they remain intact devices and functional, so it is decided submerging about 3 meters, for about 5 minutes

The first signs of damage are evident by subjecting smartphones to 9 meters deep. The Samsung Galaxy begins restarting sporadically, while the start button haptic iPhone 7 starts to malfunction.

After subjecting the moving about 10 meters deep, the Galaxy screen does not light, but the iPhone 7 is still on and the touch screen still responds to touch, although the water caused damage to the screen.

Despite the unconventional nature and extreme test it serves to highlight the ongoing strategy of Apple to be conservative in their claims of waterproofing.

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