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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Lightning EarPods vs 3.5 mm Jack EarPods. What is the difference?

We were all surprised when rumors about the release began to appear about EarPods USB Lightning , and even more when Apple introduced them in his Keynote with a Bluetooth AirPods and USB adapter Lightning Jack 3.5 mm.

But ... Are the new EarPods Lightning current EarPods better than connecting to jack 3.5 mm iPhone?

There is controversy in social networks, forums and comments web technology. Many are in favor of change, and many others do not.

Apple's decision to withdraw the 3.5 mm Jack. He was motivated by the lack of space in the thin structure of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus . But there are other advantages with respect to change of 3.5 mm connector to USB port Lightning.

First, from iDropNews they claim that EarPods using the Lightning port have the ability to provide better audio quality. The EarPods Lightning can use a much higher quality digital audio converters on their own internal converters integrated into the iPhone.

Additionally, the Lightning EarPods can get power from iPhone to significantly improve sound amplification, which again leads us to provide users with better audio quality.

On the other hand, Apple Lightning EarPods also include improved noise reduction and application control from the headset, plus other benefits.

Still, there are still people who think that the old EarPods offer better sound experience. Jeff Dunn thinks so, Business Insider. Although a review of Apple Insider claims to the contrary, in favor of the new Lightning EarPods.

From CydiaPlus we would add that the step taken by Apple (which also give other technology companies) will enable devices to gather all accessories in a single connector, and this will benefit users in the long run.

And you do you think? Do you think the Lightning EarPods offer better audio quality? And if we forget cables and we moved to the new Bluetooth AirPods?

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