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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Making Much Does the iPhone 7

iPhone 7 has revolutionized the market in the few days it takes it and no wonder . He and his older brother, the iPhone 7 Plus, are the best models launched by Apple to date, they are waterproof, have the new chip A10, stereo speakers, your camera has improved ... all that for a price of 769 € and can reach 989 € the most expensive model.

However, many users are wondering what cost means exactly Apple will make an iPhone 7 and what is the profit margin that takes him. It is still early to know the exact cost of each component of the iPhone 7, but CNN Money has ventured to give an approximation based on common prices for components most popular smartphones.

So if you want to know how much it costs to manufacture Apple iPhone 7 read on , because then you have all the details and prices of each of them to give you an idea. Here we go!

This is the cost of each component of the iPhone 7

In this list we leave you Here are an estimate of the price of each component of the iPhone 7:

  • Display - 37 $
  • Motherboard - $ 74
  • Cameras - $ 26
  • Battery - 4 $
  • Speakers - $ 11.50
  • Housing - $ 22
  • Other parts - $ 117.50

The point called "other parts" includes various sensors, antennas ... but out of all those components, motherboard and the screen are the two most expensive components of the Apple iPhone 7. Thus, the alleged cost of all the parts to build a 128GB iPhone 7 is estimated at $ 292, while the selling price of the device is 879 €.

As you see, the difference between the two prices is quite broad, and the cost of the iPhone 7 would be only 39% of their actual selling price. There is no doubt that the profit margin Apple with the iPhone 7 is quite extensive, but we must also take into account other costs of marketing, research ...

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