More details about the "AirPods" are revealed -


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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

More details about the "AirPods" are revealed

In conjunction with the announcement of the iPhone 7 it is believed to be announced one of its main accessories, "AirPods" that will not require cables, but will have wireless chips that provide a similar Bluetooth connection.

Again, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, provides us with a report that reveals details about wireless technology behind the "AirPods"
In the opinion of the analyst, Apple wants to enter the market with high - end headphones that include its own wireless connectivity technology similar to Bluetooth. Knowing that still latent rumor that refers to the Cupertino company plans to release iPhone making seven headphones, Kuo believes that the wireless headset will become the default choice for many users of the device.

With this in mind, the analyst speculates that there will be a huge market differentiated by "AirPods" high-end and mid-range headphones like Beats.

With its own chip design "Bluetooth type" Kuo believes that Apple could use low-power wireless communications for other functions beyond headphones, including smart home and even for smart car accessories.

From this premise, the analyst suggests that possibly the Cupertino company to go further and squeeze the most from your wireless connectivity technology making the chip in question is more energy efficient, while providing an adaptation and rapid growth technology.

Following this, it is believed that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is responsible for manufacturing the chips, while Cheng Uei Precision and Inventec would be responsible for the final assembly of headphones.

Finally, Kuo said he does not expect Apple include wireless headphones on models "iPhone 7".

All will be revealed tomorrow when Apple will hold the presentation of the iPhone in July eb conjunction with the Apple Watch 2.

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