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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Mute chat in Google Allo

Google Allo , the new messaging application Giant Mountain View has arrived and is in addition to video calls Google Duo , with the intention of becoming a popular alternative to consider. It is still early to know whether it will unseat WhatsApp , the undisputed leader, but what is clear is that Google Allo is a very complete and interesting features, driven by artificial intelligence application.

If you have not tried I recommend you do it , it is now available for both iOS and for Android . In the event that you may be already using Google Allo, sure you are discovering the possibilities, which are numerous. You can take a look at these 5 Tricks for Google Allo that will be very useful. And if you want to know how to silence a chat, just follow these simple steps:

1. Enter into the conversation that you want silence.

2. You press on the picture of the contact profile, located in the upper right of the screen.

3. From the dropdown menu, push the "Mute" button.

In the event that seek to silence a group chat, the process is exactly the same. If you want to do you are turn off sounds for notifications, follow these steps:

1. You press on the menu that is located in the upper left of the screen, next to the name Allo. Please select the right "Settings" option.

2. device settings will open. Simply uncheck the "Notifications" option. You can also turn off the sounds of the messages and disable vibration.

If you preserve hold a particular chat, options to remove, deactivate or block notifications will appear. In this regard, Google Allo operation is simple and intuitive, very similar to other messaging applications.

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