New concept iPhone 7 Blanco comes on stage -


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Monday, 26 September 2016

New concept iPhone 7 Blanco comes on stage

The design of our iPhone is one of the parts that we consider. Maybe it is not so much as are their internal components, but without a doubt is one of the points we make the final decision whether or not to buy that device.

In this article we will tell you everything we know about the new iPhone in its new white presentation. It is still a rumor, but like everything, it may end up being a reality.

New renderings show a new color

Apple has brought new colors to their iPhone devices, which are the Black Mate and Jet Black , with whom Apple wanted to offer us a color that has long been neglected.

Recently, new renderers have shown it seems a new color added to the range. In the images we can see the design of the iPhone 7 Plus, all white. We do not know if it's real, but if true, what we would expect for the next version of the iPhone.

Similar to the old MacBooks

\Previously we could find the white on the new Apple devices - in the Rose Gold, Gold and Silver , but only in part frontally, this would be the first time since the iPhone 4s was released we would see a full white color our terminal.

Although renderings show a matte white, Apple could launch a bright white version, which would leave us a taste of the old MacBooks white.

At the moment this is nothing more than mere speculation based on an image, but we should not rule out this idea. Most rumors start in this way, so we have to wait for the time to tell us if this is real, or if it will be a mere rumor.

With each Apple generation surprises us with new colors. Maybe this matte white is a new presentation of the iPhone 7 or design futurible iPhone 8 . Whatever, we are sure that the color will be fantastic in the design of the new iPhone .

Would you like Apple released a new white iPhone? Leave us your answer in the comments!

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