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Thursday, 1 September 2016

New Video Shows iPhone 7 Plus in Operation

If the leak rate continues at this rate Apple will not have many surprises that give their users the Sept. 7 when known to the world its new flagship. And it now has released a new video of a few seconds where you can see the iPhone 7 Plus running.

I must say that is a very short video, but nevertheless cause excitement among users and lovers bite the apple. And although it is brief reveals some very interesting things, such as confirmation of the dual lens camera for the iPhone 7 Plus, something that takes rumored for several months.

Responsible for publishing this video Sonny Dickson has been through his Twitter account . In it you can see three 5.5 - inch iPhone at first glance could be the iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus, but when turning one of them ... surprise!

The video camera confirms the double iPhone 7 Plus

Watching this video is confirmed that the appearance of the iPhone 7 does not change much with respect to the previous one, except for small details such as the relocation of the line of antennas or the shape of the rear camera generation. In addition, when the back of the iPhone 7 Plus is seen in the video posted by Dickson it is having a dual - lens camera.

Other important changes are expected to incorporate the iPhone 7 and 7 are the A10 Plus Apple processor, more RAM, dual speakers or removing the connector jack 3.5 mm. On the other hand, it is believed that Apple finally abandon the 16GB of storage and the base model will be accompanied with a memory of 32GB, 256GB option being higher capacity.

If all goes as expected Apple will unveil the iPhone 7 on September 7 and will open within reserves on September 9. However, the smartphone will not reach the market in the first wave of deployment until 23 September.

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