NoBlackFlicker eliminates the black frame that occurs between the transition from two different wallpapers (jailbreak)

If you care much for the aesthetics of your iOS device and you do not like to see the black frame that occurs between changing a wallpaper to a different, such as the unlock screen, there is a new tweak jailbreak called NoBlackFlicker that corrects this ugly black effect and makes the transition more attractive.

This tweak removes that unsightly when you have a wallpaper on your lock screen that does not match the one on the home screen. It's a simple tweak, but functional.

For those unfamiliar with this, or you have not noticed before then will an animated GIF that shows the black effect that occurs when a device with different wallpaper on the lock screen and home screen is unlocked before installing the tweak NoBlackFilter.

In the picture above it is achieved see that just between the transition from the bottom of the lock screen and home screen background black frame that gives an unsightly appearance is formed.

Now, after installing NoBlackFlicker, the unsightly effect has been completely eliminated, as you can see in the GIF show you below.

Many do not care about the imperfections of the user interface that can have iOS, but for perfectionists who likes to have perfect down to the smallest detail, NoBlackFlicker is a very good choice to start.

If you have the same wallpaper on the lock screen and home screen, then you will never have this effect of unsightly black frame and therefore this tweak is not necessary.

NoBlackFlicker is available for free from the BigBoss Cydia repository and works on all devices with iOS 9. There is no option to set the tweak.

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